The Ellsworth Community School District provides educational, social, recreational, and cultural opportunities to all people and organizations in the district through the activities of the Community Education Program. This program enhances community life through the expanded use of school and community facilities. The community education program supports the existing programs of other organizations and provides additional programs where recognized needs exist. The success of this program will depend upon the involvement, commitment, and diversity of the people of the school district. 
A variety of courses on a wide range of topics will be available twice a year. The Fall session includes classes that are offered September through December, and the Winter/Spring session includes classes offered January through June. A Community Education booklet is mailed to every district resident two times per year or is available by clicking on the Current Class and Trip Catalog link below. A copy of the booklet is also available in the district office at the east end of the Ellsworth Community High School. Please contact the Community Education Coordinator at the phone number below with ideas about future courses.
Contact Sandy Radkey, Coordinator, at 715-307-3319
or Kelly Carlin, Administrative Assistant, at 715-273-3911
for more information.