Not-On-Tobacco~ A Proven Teen Smoking and Vaping

Cessation Program



If you say yes to any of the 5 questions to the right, please keep reading. This voluntary program might benefit you!!! 

5 vape questions

This is a voluntary program that you can sign yourself up for if you are looking for help with your tobacco use. Unlike other cessation programs which simply modify adult curriculum, N-O-T was designed with teenagers in mind and addresses issues that are specifically important to you.

This is a 10 session program:

Session 1: Reasons for Quitting
Session 2: Why I Smoke/Vape
Session 3: Nicotine Addiction and Triggers
Session 4: Effects of Smoking/Vaping
Session 5: Physical, Psychological and Social Benefits of Quitting
Session 6: Quitting Nicotine Use
Session 7: Overcoming Obstacles to Quitting
Session 8: How to Deal with Stress
Session 9: Myths of Big Tobacco
Session 10: Staying Committed to Quitting  

These confidential, small group meetings will be run by Ms. "Hutch" Hutcheson and will be held 1x/week, during the school day, with the least amount of disruption to your class schedule possible.  We want to be clear that we are offering these groups to support you~ not to judge, shame, or discipline you!

Thank you for your time. If you are interested in participating in a small group, one of us will follow up with you after you fill out the following form.