Summer School June 6th-24th 8am-12pm

ECSD will be providing door-to-door bus service for the June Summer School for students using our transportation system. We want to make it as convenient as possible for parents to have their children participate in our outstanding summer school program. This makes it even more important that you update your address information in your online registration account. Please contact the bus garage directly if you have any unique circumstances or needs for transportation such as daycare or two addresses. (715-273-3917). 

Health Information-Please UPDATE- (please include any information that you feel is essential for summer school staff to know (for example allergic reactions, ADD, ADHD, diabetes, etc.) Please note there is not a Registered Nurse on staff during all of the summer school. Please do scheduled medications at home before or after school. Please contact the school nurse with questions or concerns at 715-273-3912.

Register Here:

We have closed registration to complete our bus routes for door to door access, if you have any questions or need assistance please reach out to Claudine Claflin at the district office (715) 273-3900 or email:

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