Water Aerobics

Classes are offered 6 days per week, Monday - Saturday, with a variety of morning and evening times to accommodate your schedule. This exercise uses water resistance to develop strength and flexibility along with building cardiovascular endurance. No swimming skills are necessary; as participation is done in the shallow water and can be assisted in the deep water with floatation devices if desired. Check the pool calendar for class times!

Lap Swim is available during any Water Aerobic Time in addition to specific lap swim times.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:00-7:00am Water Aerobics

Tuesday, Thursday - 6:00-8:00am Lap Swim

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8:00-9:00am Shallow Water Aerobics

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 11:00am-1:00pm Lap Swim

Monday, Wednesday - 5:00-6:00pm Water Aerobics

Tuesday, Thursday - 5:00-6:00pm Deep Water Aerobics

Monday, Wednesday - 6:15-7:15pm Water Aerobics

Saturday - 7:00-8:00 Water Aerobics

Saturday- 8:00-9:00 Deep Water Aerobics