Office and School Hours

School Office hours are 7:45am to 4:15pm.

Students being dropped off at school that are not enrolled in PKC should not be here at school until 8:25am. Our School hours are 8:25am to 3:40pm. Parents are also reminded when dropping your children off at the beginning of the school day, or picking them up at the end of the day, to PLEASE use the left side east doors (as you face the building) to avoid the bus zone. This would help prevent accidents. THANK YOU!

Please send notes with your child whenever you (or someone else) needs to pick them up. Young children often become confused and concerned if they are not quite sure of where they are supposed to go and we need parent confirmation and permission before we send a child with someone other than a parent or guardian. OR: Please call school office before 3:00pm when needing to make different dismissal arrangements for your child other than riding the bus or from their normal routine. This will help eliminate any last minute confusion or concern for your child. Students line up for buses at 3:30pm and buses are usually leaving by 3:35pm. When students are arriving late to school, please stop in the office to SIGN IN so that they can be counted appropriately for attendance and lunch count.

When students arrive after 10:00am in the morning they are considered absent for the morning. When students leave before 2:00pm that is considered an absence for the afternoon, in both instances students will be missing half of their instructional class time of the morning or afternoon.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN STUDENTS IN OR OUT.  Parents, Guardians and Visitors: Please help us to ensure a safe and secure environment for all our students; please let the office know when you are in the building. (Mrs. Zimmerman or Mrs. Doughty) If you are staying and visiting for awhile in the school please SIGN IN and receive a visitor’s pass. For example: When having lunch with your child, visiting their class, or out on the playground with them. If you would like to eat lunch with your child please call before 9:00am on or before the day you would like to come, that way we have an accurate count for our Food Service Staff.

Parents/Guardians - Please help the bus drivers with bus notes!!
When your child is going home with another student on a different bus or being dropped off at different location other than their usual stop, please send a note with your child to show his teacher and to pass along to the bus driver. Please have complete name and address of the person/place where your child is being dropped off at. Some notes do not have enough information to help the driver know exactly where the child will be let off. We need these detailed notes especially for substitute drivers. If you did not send a note be sure and call the Bus Garage at 273?3917. Thank you for your help! 

Prairie View Volunteers: Volunteers are an indispensable part of our student’s educational process. Volunteers are needed to help with many school functions. Here are some areas where help is needed, laminating, cutting, tracing and book tearing. If at all possible please call or send a note to the teachers the day before so teachers can get projects prepared. Also volunteers are needed to help with the yearbook, fundraising and counting various labels and milk caps that earn school cash. Thank you parents, for all you do! Please sign in the office, and indicate that you are a volunteer! We do not want to forget anyone to extend our appreciation and thanks!

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