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Early Childhood is a program that serves children ages 3-5 years old who have exceptional educational needs.  These needs range from speech language delays, visual impairment, developmental delays, hearing impairment, emotional disturbance, physical disability, autism, and health impairments. The Early Childhood Program serves children and families living within the Ellsworth Community School District.

Four Year Old Kindergarten Program
Morning Class  8:45 – 11:45 a.m.
Afternoon Class  12:25 – 3:25 p.m.
The four year old kindergarten program, Panther Pre-School, is offered at no cost and is held at Lindgren Early Learning Center and St. Francis School.  Student in the Hillcrest area attend morning or afternoon classes.  The afternoon program from 12:20 - 3:20 p.m. also serves students located in the Prairie View Elementary School busing area. The program meets five days a week unless otherwise noted on the 4K calendar. Students attending St. Francis only attend in the morning.
Transportation is provided to and from the 4YK program by the Ellsworth Community School District bus service.  For morning classes students in the Hillcrest area will be bused to Hillcrest with the morning elementary students. A shuttle will transfer 4YK students to Lindgren for the 8:45 a.m. program. Students will be bused home or to daycare centers leaving Lindgren at 11:45 a.m.

Students in the Prairie View busing area will be picked up and taken to Lindgren for the 12:25 program. They are bused at 3:25 to Prairie View Elementary School and will ride the elementary bus home.  A separate bus route picks up and drops off Hillcrest area students for the afternoon class.
Once registration is complete morning and afternoon sections can be determined.  Parents will be notified in July prior to the start of the school year if their child will attend in the morning or afternoon and who their teacher will be. 
Throughout the year your child will be working on:  Letter Recognition; Number Skills; Shapes and Colors; Self-Help Skills; Social and Emotional Development; Fine Motor (coloring, writing, cutting, etc.); Gross Motor (skipping, jumping, throwing, etc.).  The daily schedule includes Free Choice: a time to socialize with peers, interact with teachers, and explore personal interests; Circle Time: may include time spent on calendar, weather, songs, rhymes, sharing, and games in addition to letter, number, color, and shape recognition; Stories: books selected each week from our Scott Foresman Reading curriculum, along with extra topic related books for the week; Snack: your child has the option to bring in his/her own snack each day or you may purchase snack from school for a fee (each child will receive a carton of milk each day at no charge); Outdoor/Gym Play: included in our day is time for outdoor play or large motor games and Centers: four to five centers each week.  These centers include dramatic play, puzzles, blocks, play dough, library, fine motor manipulatives, and working one on one with the teacher or aide on a variety of different activities.  The 4YK program uses the Handwriting without Tears curriculum.
Mary Zimmerman
4YK Principal


Panther Kid's Clubs are open to children in the 4YK programs. For more information and enrollment forms click here.

Head Start is a national program that promotes school readiness by enhancing the social and cognitive development of children through the provision of educational, health, nutritional, social and other services to enrolled children and families.  Head Start places a special focus on helping preschoolers develop the early reading and math skills they need to be successful in school. The Lindgren Head Start program serves children and families from Ellsworth and many neighboring communities in Western Wisconsin.


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