Alternative Education

This site is intended to provide more awareness and background of the alternative opportunities we offer our students at EHS. Please see below for a brief outline of our programs. If you want more information, click on the links provided on the right side of our page or email our program coordinator by clicking here.


Academic Coaching & Educational Support

Academic Counseling and Academic Support (A.C.E.S.) is one of the alternative education programs our Ellsworth High School students. A.C.E.S. provides academic support to non-special education students who have been designated as being academically “at risk.” Many A.C.E.S. students are provided support through reteaching of classroom content. However, A.C.E.S. may also serve as a remedial class if/when a student needs additional instruction in math or English language arts.


Alternative Program for Educational eXcellence

The EHS Alternative Program for Educational eXcellence (A.P.E.X. Program) provides students with an alternative means of earning an EHS diploma. APEX has been existence for 13 years. In that period of time in excess of 70 students have successfully completed the program. APEX and programs like it throughout the state are part of the Wisconsin DPI GEDO 2 program. The basic guidelines for GEDO 2 programs are set forth by the DPI, but each district has the ability to tailor the program for the specific needs of that district. 


PLATO Online Curriculum

The Alternative Education Department at EHS has access to PLATO on-line curriculum. The curriculum includes not only core academic courses, but also a wide variety of elective courses, standardized test preparation, and assessments. PLATO allows EHS to be more flexible in meeting the needs of all our students. Over the past several years, students have taken between 65-70 PLATO classes per year.


Seminar 9

Seminar 9 is a one semester class that takes place during the first and second quarter of each school year. This is a class designed to provide support for selected 9th-grade students as they transition from the middle school to the high school. The goal of the class is to provide all students the tools required to be a successful high school student at EHS. Throughout the class, students will focus on improving their organization skills, study skills, and self-advocacy skills.


Work Release

Students have the opportunity to earn elective credit through our Work Release Program. Students qualifying for work release also receive a letter grade based on their ability to follow the criteria of the program. Prior to enrolling in work release, each student must take the course Learn to Earn as well as have a job that requires them to work a minimum of 15 hours a week.


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