Strategic Plan Update

At its March 2016 regular board meeting the school board gave final approval to the district’s next five year strategic plan.  This plan will set the course for the district in a number of educational and budgetary areas for the next five years.  The plan developed is the direct result of the vision and hard work of a number of community and staff members focused on making the Ellsworth Community School District a true resource for the community as a whole.  

Five years ago the district entered into the same process to develop its original strategic plan.  We are very proud of the work that was done over this past five years.  We are most proud of the fact that the district was able to implement the vast majority of the initiatives identified in the plan and the commitment shown by many to honor the plan.  This same commitment is in place for the latest plan.  

    The strategic plan focuses on the district's mission, objectives and parameters. Seven “Strategies” were developed that outline the work that is to be completed.  Action Teams studied each of these strategies and pathways to accomplishing the strategies.  Finally, a cost-benefit analysis was done to study all costs of any proposed work to best plan the work over the next five years.  In the coming months, the district will identify the work of the strategic plan that is to be completed in year one.  We will then review the work on an annual basis to show the progress made in accomplishing the goals of the strategic plan.  

    I want to thank all those involved in the development of the newest plan.  I know their hard work will lead to many great advances for the communities of the Ellsworth Community School District.  We have a lot to be proud of when looking back at all that has gotten done over the last five years. I am sure this latest plan will have an equally important impact for our children and community as a whole. 


I: We will provide all staff and students the training and resources to secure an emotionally and physically safe environment for all.

II: We will develop and implement ideas that encourage and provide opportunities for students to explore new relationships with people at the local, national and global levels.

III: We will provide the coursework/curriculum that will ensure that our students possess the information and tools necessary to be financially literate upon graduation.

IV: We will increase district-wide student attendance and implement a more aggressive intervention for our truant students by partnering with families and community agencies.

V: We will increase opportunities for students to explore and initiate diverse career paths through school and other organizations.

VI: We will instill in our students the skills and desire to build positive relationships across different grades and peer groups.

VII: We will provide quality instruction, assessment, and intervention strategies for staff to ensure high levels of reading success at all grade levels.

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