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Hot Lunch Program

2016-2017 Prices

Elementary Lunch $2.65

Secondary Lunch (grades 5-12) $2.80

Breakfast $2.00

Please monitor your student's account to be sure it is up-to-date and money is available for your child to eat breakfast/lunch. Accounts can be checked by calling Food Service at 273-3910 or online through your Infinite Campus login. All parents will be assigned a login password. They will be able to view lunch transactions and account balances for children in all of our schools.

Infinite Campus does not allow us to look up students by pin number. So please make sure you put your child's first and last name in the memo of your checks. We do prefer checks over cash for tracking purposes but, if you have to send cash, please make sure parents and students full names are written on the envelopes. Thank you!


2016-17 Free and Reduced Lunch Application (click here to download)


Federal Lunch Guidelines (click here to read more )



Payment and Collection for School Breakfast and Lunch EF
The school district uses an automated system to record payments for meals. The system works like a checking account, requiring money in the family account in order to provide meals to students. Parents/guardians are expected to maintain a positive balance in their family lunch account.
At the beginning of the school year, families are to send money to their school to be placed in their family account. A minimum of $12.00 per student is recommended. Larger payments (i.e. one month's payment) are encouraged. For families with children attending more than one school, a single check can be sent to any school for all its children. The money will be deposited in the family account.
Low and delinquent account balances
When a family account drops below $6.00, the student and parents/guardians will be informed. When a family account balance is completely exhausted, a letter will be mailed to the parents/guardians to inform them of the situation and the need to remedy it. If a family account drops below negative $20.00 it will be considered delinquent and no further credit will be extended.
For students in grades kindergarten through 8th, if the parent/guardian fails to provide the student with a meal, the district will provide the student a sandwich and carton of milk for a maximum of five days. The cost of the sandwich and milk will be added to the family account. If the parent/guardian thereafter fails to provide the student with a cold lunch or lunch money, school district personnel shall intercede on behalf of the student(s) by filing a report with the Department of Human Services.
No meals will be served to a high school student whose family account is depleted. High school students with a negative family balance must bring cash in order to be served a meal.
The Director of Food Services will inform the school principal whenever a student will be denied a school meal. These administrators shall work cooperatively to resolve delinquent accounts.
Uncollected balances
Administrators are expected to protect taxpayers of the district by making a reasonable effort to collect all delinquent food service charges. The school board authorizes administrators to collect food service charges that are 60 days delinquent through legal means including but not limited to small claims court or use of a collection agency. Costs for collection services will be added to the family account.
At the end of the year, if a family no longer has children attending school, moves out of the district, or becomes eligible for free meals, the family may request reimbursement of any balance in the family account. Funds for families with students continuing the following school year will remain in the family account for the next school year.


Approved: September 8, 2003








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