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Key Autism Spectrum Disorders Resources for Families
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Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP)
The Wisconsin Early Autism Project is a Replication Site actively collaborating with Dr. Lovaas' research through the National Institute of Mental Health. Children treated by WEAP have shown success rates essentially the same as those of Dr. Lovaas. We are proud to be the first program to reach this goal!
WEAP's treatment program

  • Takes a totally positive approach
  • Personalizes curriculum based on each child's needs
  • Presents new material in a fun way that's easy to master
  • Keeps children happy, smiling and motivated to learn

WEAP's curriculum addresses the major deficits common in autism, including:

  • Understanding language
  • Communicating with and relating to peers
  • Building age appropriate and symbolic play skills
  • Funding for treatment in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin currently offers funding for in-home autism treatment through a waiver system. Children under the age of eight with a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder who demonstrate a medical need may be eligible to receive up to three years of funding for intensive autism treatment. Children older than eight may be eligible for reduced funding for a variety of services.
The waiver is offered state-wide and is administered by individual counties. County case managers work directly with families to complete the waiver application process. Some counties have chosen not to administer the waiver, and in these counties, the state has contracted with private agencies to assist families interested in securing funding.
We understand that sorting out the many treatments available for autism can be confusing.  At the Wisconsin Early Autism Project, we can help you help your child.
For more information visit the website:  or call the Intake Department at 
608-288-9040 or send an e-mail to


Integrated Development Services

Intensive In-Home Program

Most professionals agree that the best outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorders occur when they participate in at least 20 to 35 hours of specialized intervention each week during the early years of development. Our Intensive In-Home Autism Program is designed for families who want an intensive, play-based, relationship-focused approach to autism intervention.
What services are provided?

Most intervention is conducted by Line therapists under the supervision of a Senior therapist. Seniors have at least 2 years of supervised experience working with children with autism, plus additional specialized training. Senior therapists are supervised by Ph.D.-level Lead therapists who provide regular consultation and guidance about therapy goals and strategies.
Intervention includes a variety of play-based approaches to enhance self-regulation, communication, social skills, learning, and daily living skills. Intervention sessions are usually fun, flexible, and guided by the child’s interests; 20 to 35 hours of intervention per week, for up to 3 years; In-home consultation with a Senior therapist every week, and with a lead therapist (Ph.D.-level clinician) every 2 months and services are provided at home.
Who pays for services?

  • Wisconsin’s Children’s Long-Term Support Medicaid Waiver (sometimes referred to as the “autism waiver”).
  • Children must be eligible for Medicaid, approved by the county for intensive services, and assigned a “slot” in the autism waiver before services can begin.
  • All therapy and travel expenses are covered by the waiver.

For more information: 
Integrated Development Services
6506 Schroeder Road | Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Toll-free 800-218-3781 | Local 608-441-0123 | Fax 608-441-0126

Web-based ASD Video Glossary

Autism Speaks (, in collaboration with First Signs and Florida State University’s FIRST WORDS Project ( ), has developed a Web-based Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Video Glossary to help parents of children suspected of or recently diagnosed with autism understand the words and terms used in association with ASD. It contains hundreds of video clips contrasting behaviors that are red flags for ASD with behaviors that are typical. It is also meant for professionals who do not have experience in diagnosing young children with ASD.
Advocating for Autism, LLC - In-home consulting service

Advocating for Autism, LLC is an in-home consulting service for families with children with autism Spectrum Disorders.  We specialize in providing parents with the tools to help their child be more successful both at home and in the community.  We also advocate for families at IEP meetings, bridging the gap between home and school.
We do not provide in-home therapy, but rather tools and training for parents to use at home with their child.
Emily Bedford, MA
Autism Resource Specialist


  • Ellsworth Community School District
  • 300 Hillcrest Street, PO Box 1500
  • Ellsworth, WI 54011
  • Phone: 715-273-3900
  • Fax: 715-273-5775