Requirements for Eligibility


Ellsworth High School believes athletic participation is an important part of the high school curriculum. Athletics provide important experiences that are not entirely duplicated in other school activities. Athletics help prepare young adults for the highly competitive adult world they will enter upon completion of their high school careers.



In order for a student to participate in any sport on the first day of practice the following must be accomplished BEFORE the start of practice:

1.  A complete athletic physical on record with parent signature

2.  The athletic fee paid

  • Physicals
    One physical is required every two years and all athletes’ participating must have a physical. If a student is participating for the first time he/she must have an athletic physical completed. A green athletic physical card is available at the high school office and a link is provided above. If a student is participating in sports the following year, an alternate year tan athletic physical card must be filled out by the parents; this is also available at the high school office and a link is provided above.

  • Fees
    Participation in any high school sport has a fee of $75.00 payable to Ellsworth High School in the high school office. Participation in any middle school sport has a fee of $50 payable to the Ellsworth Middle School in the middle school office.



Each high school athlete must attend one Athletic Code Meeting per year to be eligible for participation. Meetings are held before the start of each sport season.

Each athlete and parent must sign and agree to the Athletic Code, the WIAA Rules of Eligibility, and the Concussion Return to Play guidelines. The signed sheets must be turned in to their coach before participation in the first event. 



To be eligible for an activity or practice, a student must be in attendance the full day or have the approval of the principal or assistant principal for that absence.

All participants absent on a morning after a school activity must show evidence of a doctor’s appointment or previously arranged doctor, dentist, or chiropractic appointment if the absence is to be excused.

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